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AGS Laboratories Diamond Grading Report Reprint Policy

Reprints are available for diamonds graded by AGS Laboratories within the last ten years since the date the report was issued. If your diamond was graded within the last ten years, you can view a pdf download of the report here at

Any reprint requests on diamonds prior to that will require re-submission to AGS Laboratories for updated grading services.

The first reprint for a document is at published prices and is limited to one (1). Should an additional reprint be required, the diamond will need to be sent to the lab for updated grading.

If the diamond was originally graded under the proportions-based system, the grade may change under the new AGS Light Performance Diamond Grading system. Therefore, an updated service will require ordering a  performance-based grading report.

The deadline to order official report reprints or to submit a diamond for report update services is December 5, 2022. After our deadline, you can access PDF downloads of documents issued after April 1, 2010 via Report Verification at For reports issued before April 1, 2010, you can access the grading details on Report Verification.

For more information, contact our team at