Scintillation Report
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Scintillation ReportThe AGS Lab’s Scintillation Report is a limited-production addendum report available exclusively with the RITANI Reserve Program, AGS Diamond Quality® Document or Gemological Institute of America (GIA®) Diamond Grading Report. The science behind the American Gem Society’s patented Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool (ASET®) technology was used to define the scintillation parameters and grading scales included in the Scintillation Report. AGS Lab’s cutting edge technology is used in determining a diamond’s light performance and cut grade as well as to determine the amount of sparkle or scintillation.

No other diamond grading laboratory in the world can combine this level of technology to define both cut and sparkle—with the science to back it up. 

The AGS Lab Scintillation Report and the accompanying grading document combine science and accountability for the diamond’s grade.
  • Certifies the authenticity and quality of the diamond you are purchasing.
  •  Certifies the diamond has been graded using the cutting edge technology of the American Gem Society Laboratories as well as the latest equipment available at the time of original grading.

Special instructions regarding the Scintillation Report

The Scintillation Report contains descriptions of the characteristics of the diamond based on the application of grading techniques, testing procedures, and current technology equipment used by AGS Labs at the time of grading.The AGS Lab policy is to ensure the accuracy of the cut, color and clarity grades as indicated on any grading report, including the Scintillation Report and the accompanying grading document. AGS Lab certifies and guarantees the diamond is a natural untreated diamond. Additionally the carat weight and quality grades (cut, color and clarity) assigned are in accordance with recognized international grading practices, the American Gem Society Grading Standards and AGS Laboratory Grading Processes. AGS Lab certifies the measurements and assigned quality grades for this diamond are within recognized gemological tolerances.

The grades shown on the Scintillation Report and the accompanying grading document are assigned only after each diamond has been measured using high-definition non-contact measurement equipment and weighed using a digital analytical balance. Each diamond is further identified by its unique clarity plot and/or laser inscription. As each diamond proceeds through the AGS Lab grading process, it is graded by two or more experienced graders for finish (polish and symmetry), color and clarity. Because diamond grading is subjective, recognized gemological tolerance typically allows for +/- one grade in color and clarity grades.

The AGS Lab certification is valid for a period of two (2) years from the date on the Scintillation Report. The certified diamond can be resubmitted for recertification at any time before expiration. Should the diamond become damaged, altered or treated in any way, the certification will be void. The certification is only valid for the consumer who purchased the diamond from an authorized RITANI Reserve retailer and is not transferable.

Procedure to challenge the Scintillation Report and accompanying grading document
If for any reason, you feel the diamond weight, cut, color, or clarity grade does meet the grades stated in the Scintillation Report Diamond Grading Summary, you may within two (2) years of the date on the Scintillation Report submit your diamond to contest the grade. Please follow the procedure below for submitting your diamond:

The diamond must be un-mounted and be submitted with the original Scintillation Report and accompanying diamond grading document.

  1. A written statement or Diamond Grading Report from a credentialed Gemologist, Appraiser, or Diamond Grading Lab must accompany the diamond.
  2. The diamond must be returned to the RITANI Reserve Retail Jeweler from whom the original purchase was made.
  3. The Retail Jeweler must contact the AGS Lab for an Authorization Number prior to submitting the diamond to the lab.  
  4. The consumer will be responsible for fees charged by the AGS Lab for verification services. The Retail Jeweler will quote the fees and any associated shipping charges prior to sending the diamond to the AGS Lab.
  5. The consumer’s signature is required to authorize the Retail Jeweler to send the diamond to the AGS Lab.
AGS Lab Verification Procedure:
  1. The diamond will be examined by an AGS Lab Grading Manager. If any damage, alteration or treatment is detected at this point, the Retail Jeweler will be contacted immediately. The AGS Lab will not proceed further.
  2. If the diamond is found to be in the same condition as at the time of grading, it will be verified with both the Scintillation Report and diamond grading document, ensuring the diamond is the same.
  3. If it is determined by the AGS Lab that the weight is lower than the weight originally assigned, or any quality grade assigned is outside the gemological tolerance for the original grading, the AGS Lab will reimburse you the difference between current fair retail value of your diamond at the original grade or weight, and the current fair retail value of your diamond at the revised grade or weight.
  4. The current fair retail value will be solely determined by the AGS Lab in the market from which the diamond was purchased. The effective date will be the date the stone was submitted to the Retail Jeweler.

View the Scintillation Report below:

GIA Scintillation Report

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Mission Statement

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