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The Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

diamond engagement ringIf you are ready to propose, then you are, no doubt, facing the small matter of buying the perfect diamond engagement ring. No worries, we’ve put together a short list of the top things to consider when buying a ring, so you can hone your purchasing skills before even setting foot in the jewelry store!

Let There be Light

Look at the diamond in different light environments. It should retain its sparkle in a range of lighting conditions.

Shape Your Selection

Choose a shape that fits your future partner’s personality. Someone who prefers more edgy fashions might go for a square cut, while a romantic might prefer a cushion-cut. Diamonds come in a variety of shapes: round brilliant, emerald, pear, oval and specialty cuts.

Final Cut

No matter the shape, cut quality affects a diamond’s beauty and value more than any of the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity, carat weight). A well-cut 1¾-carat diamond may actually appear larger than a poorly cut two-carat diamond—and it will sparkle more.

Think Outside the (Diamond Ring) Box

If diamonds aren’t her style, consider sapphires or rubies, which are tough enough to withstand daily wear. Rings also come in a variety of precious metals, so if gold isn’t her thing, consider white gold, platinum or rose gold.

Get a Second Opinion

Ask to see diamonds that come with a grading report from AGS Laboratories. These reports provide an objective analysis of the 4Cs so you know exactly what you’re getting.

When you’ve found the right person, find the right jeweler by visiting our Find a Jeweler page.  



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