Discover the AGS Laboratories Laboratory-Grown Diamond Report

By Jerrica Harrold, Laboratory Program Development Analyst, AGS Laboratories

The Laboratory-Grown Diamond Report was specifically created with the consumer in mind. This report assists the salesperson in explaining the diamond’s characteristics, including growth and diamond type, in addition to the traditional 4Cs.

With a sleek design, the report provides educational explanations of how laboratory-grown diamonds are produced and in-depth information about AGS Laboratories’ color and clarity designations. The document is sure to encourage healthy conversation surrounding laboratory-grown diamonds at the retail counter.

In addition to the report, AGS Laboratories offers the Only My Diamond® experience for laboratory-grown diamonds. This platform includes additional educational information such as the 4Cs of laboratory-grown diamonds and a section that provides even more facts on the growing methods of laboratory-grown diamonds, such as CVD and HPHT. You’ll also find a helpful FAQ section where AGS Laboratories has answered common questions surrounding this product and service.

Laboratory-Grown Diamond Report

Facts about the AGS Laboratories laboratory-grown diamond program:

  • The grading report mentions “Laboratory-grown diamond” eleven times, clearly designating it as such.
  • It is the only report that offers the AGS Ideal® cut grade for laboratory-grown diamonds.
  • AGS Laboratories inscribes two laser inscriptions on the diamond, identifying it as laboratory grown.

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