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Featured Speakers Help You Make an Impact, Market to a Diverse Audience, and Navigate Conflict

Featured speakers provide an added depth to your Conclave education. They are national thought leaders who teach in a variety of industries and are experts in their respective fields.

Each year, our featured speakers talk about practical topics that address everyday business challenges. You’ll leave their sessions with new ideas and techniques to help you move your business forward no matter what challenges may come your way.








Emotional Intelligence for Extraordinary Leadership
Speaker: Steve Gutzler

In today’s fast-paced competitive work environment, how effective are you as a leader? Emotional Intelligence (EI), our ability to manage ourselves and others around us, is the single greatest contributor to personal excellence and high performance in leadership. In this dynamic presentation, you will discover:

  • The power of moods, attitudes and emotions and their contagious ability
  • How effective leaders self-manage emotions rather than allowing them to sabotage personal success
  • Understand the science of the human brain and how it influences our behaviors
  • Learn game-changing skills to build emotional connections with clients and customers and build fierce loyalty
  • Create leadership standards of inspired greatness and break the cycle of fear

Power of Influence and Impactful Leadership
Speaker: Steve Gutzler

Don’t wait for that promotion! Start leading now! Right where you are! You can make a difference!

Believe it or not, the most effective way to make an impact in work is to make an impact on individual people. In Power of Influence and Impactful Leadership, Steve empowers you to become a potent and positive influence in the lives of those around you without using a position or title. This is done through “pouring your life into other people” with intentional skills around self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation, emotional connections and social skills.

In this presentation, you will gain valuable insights on how to develop your influence and make actionable bottom-line results.








How to Market & Sell to People Not Like You
Speaker: Kelly McDonald

Using consumer insights and real-world examples from successful companies, luxury retailers and other organizations, “How to Market & Sell to People Not Like You” shows you how to create a deep, values-based connection between you and your customers and prospects.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Five low-cost and no-cost things you can do right now to grow your business with new customers and increase customer satisfaction and retention
  • The do’s and don’ts of marketing to different customer segments and their values
  • The major macro-trends that affect your business—and all of us—and how to leverage them for growth and customer satisfaction
  • How to communicate in a relevant manner to stand out from your competition

Selling to Women: How to Win the Hearts and Reach the Wallets of Today’s Modern Woman
Speaker: Kelly McDonald

It’s been called the “she-conomy”—the growing impact that women have on companies, product, and buying decisions.

The differences between how men and women make buying decisions are real, and are key to honing a sales team’s approach for maximum effectiveness. Studies have shown that women are more inquisitive than men and more likely to do business with brands that they feel “understand them.”

For jewelry brands and companies, cultivating this important consumer segment means big bucks and fierce loyalty if you reach them with relevance. It’s key to understand what women want: they are more selective than ever about who they do business with and how they spend their money.

This session will show you exactly how to effectively tap into this large, lucrative, and loyal market.

  • Learn why women are so influential in the purchase process, and how to satisfy their criteria and retain them as loyal customers
  • Review the key values of women and their current media consumption habits
  • Learn how companies and brands are harnessing the power of women bloggers and influencers to grow their business in low-cost and no-cost ways
  • It’s not just about marketing and selling to women: the customer experience for women will also be dissected, detailing the do’s and don’ts








Navigating Conflict or Delivering a “No” Using the Tools of “Yes, and”
Speaker: Galen Emanuele

One of the biggest challenges that we face in business and as humans is how to effectively deliver a “no” and navigate conflict. These are amplified in business where taking the wrong approach can destroy engagement, morale, creativity, and even your personal reputation.

In this session, Galen teaches how to increase team cohesiveness by successfully delivering a “no” and navigating conflict, providing a concise set of tools and framework. Learn how to take a collaborative, strategic approach that puts the relationship first, focuses on a solution, and feels authentic and supportive without crushing employee and team morale.