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ASET® Images of Diamonds

Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool® (ASET) was developed to demonstrate – in red, green, and blue – how the diamond is performing – in other words, how the diamond is handling and returning light to our eyes. Red indicates the brightest areas of the diamond – areas that attract the brightest light from above. Green also indicates light return; however, from an indirect source which is not as bright. The blue indicates a contrast pattern of dark reflections giving the diamond its personality.

This is an ASET® image of an AGS Ideal® performing diamond. There is a lot of red, some green, and a distinct pattern of blue. The blue pattern resembles arrows, an indication of the symmetry of the diamond.

This is another ASET® image of an AGS Ideal® performing diamond. Although the blue “arrows” are not as distinct as in the image above, the pattern is symmetrical, not clustered or dominant over the entire diamond. 

This is an ASET® image of a poorly cut diamond. Although there is some red in the center, the lack of any pattern in the blue and dominance of green demonstrates that the diamond is NOT performing to its potential. You can also see black, which indicates light that is lost entirely. 

Using the colors of red, green, and blue, the ASET® provides a unique “thumbprint” of your diamond, documenting its light performance and beauty. After viewing a collection of diamonds, you can decide which unique “personality” is most appealing to you. Then, your AGS jeweler can explain how perfomance, proportions & finish affect the overall cut grade of a diamond, helping you make the best value decision – for a most important buying decision!