April 15-17, 2024   |    Austin, TX

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Why Attend Conclave?

Embrace the Vibrancy of the AGS Community

Conclave is perfect for those united by a shared ambition: Advancing their expertise. It’s not just a chance to reconnect with familiar faces and forge new connections—it’s an immersion in the dynamic energy of the AGS community!

Engage With Industry Icons, Experts, and Influencers

Delve into a multi-day journey of discovery and growth. You have access to some of the most respected names in our industry. Ask questions. Seek insights. Be ignited by inspiration!

Solve business challenges

Explore the Networking Area and connect with AGS Vendors who offer an array of products and services designed to address your business challenges. Uncover innovative solutions and forge strategic partnerships.

Invest in Your Professional Journey

Conclave is an unparalleled event in our industry, a unique platform for expanding knowledge, honing skills, reimagining strategies, and achieving your goals. Your investment in Conclave is an investment in yourself. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity.

Get a Little Weird

Embracing the theme of "Keep Austin Weird," Conclave is turning up the delightfully weird factor. We’re infusing the extraordinary and innovative in ways that will challenge and inspire you and motivate you to think differently when tackling business challenges.

Conclave Overview

Every year, Conclave creates buzz within the AGS community and the industry. Why? Because every Conclave  offers a new and exciting event! If you’ve never attended Conclave, read on; but we’d be remiss if we didn’t let you know that nothing can compare to experiencing this unique event for yourself!

The American Gem Society’s International Conclave began in 1937 and has grown into the premier educational and networking event in the jewelry industry. The Society’s members convene annually to further their ongoing education and meet with their colleagues. The 2024 Conclave in Austin marks the American Gem Society’s 90th anniversary, so expect the exciting and innovative for our celebration!

Considered one of the primary benefits of membership in the AGS, Conclave is held in a new location each year, and is three days of jam-packed education and relationship building. During the event, you’ll have access to phenomenal keynote and featured speakers who are leading national speakers as well as breakout speakers who are industry experts, teaching a variety of need-to-know topics ranging from gemological training to sales, leadership, HR, legal, finance, and important government regulations.

What does that mean for you? It adds up to 15 hours of education over three days!  There is also over 20 hours’ worth of social activities, including networking breaks and events. It is more than that, though: it’s an investment in you and your career.

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Conclave Pro-Tips

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