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AGS Ideal® Report: New FAQs Added to the Resource Page

Do you have questions about the AGS Ideal® Report from GIA? We have the answers! Please read through the following FAQs.

Will there be a proprietary AGS Ideal® Report that is customized for branded diamond programs?

The AGS Ideal® Report from GIA is not available with custom branding. However, it does have both the AGS and GIA logo, which is a valuable differentiator for your diamond programs.

Will GIA offer special pricing for AGS Laboratories clients?

The AGS Ideal® Report from GIA is a great value at US$25. The report will be available in January 2023. GIA does not offer special pricing.

What additional messaging will AGS and GIA release in support of the AGS Ideal® Report?

Further details about the supplemental AGS Ideal® Report from GIA will be available soon. Look for more information in upcoming issues of Spectra Update, Spectra, and our social media platforms for the AGS community.

Will existing AGS Laboratories reports continue to be available for viewing on the AGS Report Verification website?

Yes. To view and download your AGS Laboratories report, utilize the Verify a Diamond Grading Report tool on

[As needed]: For reports issued prior to April 1, 2010, utilize the Verify a Diamond Grading Report tool on to access the grading details on Report Verification. For our reprint policy, visit

Will there be any reference on the GIA report accompanying the AGS Ideal® Report that indicates the diamond has an AGS Ideal® Report?

The AGS Ideal® Report by GIA is a supplemental report which will be available on the GIA Report Check. At this time, there will be no reference to the AGS Ideal® Report on the GIA 4Cs report. Please contact GIA at [email protected] to learn more about the new report offering.

Will there be an option for additional light performance maps on the AGS Ideal® Report?

No, however, the report is available with or without the standard ASET image.

How long will the AGS Ideal® report be available?

The AGS Ideal® Report from GIA is not a short-term solution. With the integration into GIA of the AGSL research staff, intellectual property and technology, the combined team will develop new products and services for the trade and consumers.

Why should I use GIA and the AGS Ideal® Report?

We believe you should use GIA because they are the industry leader in diamond grading and gemology. They created the 4Cs, establishing the universal standard for diamond grading, while AGS created light performance and ignited a discussion on sparkle.

The AGS Ideal® Report features the best of both. It’s a digital supplemental report providing the AGS Light Performance grade, backed by rigorous science, with GIA’s industry-leading diamond grading report. You can learn more information about the report at Look for the link to download a PDF.

How do we explain what is happening to clients and consumers with current AGS Laboratories reports?

[For consumer and trade]
Your AGS diamond grading report continues to be valid, and the grading remains applicable. At the time your report was graded, it came from one of the most well-respected labs in the world. The legacy of AGS Laboratories will always be one of a renowned lab known for its high standards of diamond grading and its mission of consumer protection.

[The next response is for consumers]
However, if you would like to submit your diamond(s) to another laboratory for grading, we recommend that you work with your trusted jeweler. If you do not have a trusted jeweler, visit to locate a trusted, professional AGS jeweler in your area.

[For the trade]
However, if you would like to submit your diamond(s) to another laboratory, we encourage you to contact GIA for your diamond grading needs. To set up an account with GIA, please visit You will be redirected to the appropriate webpage on GIA’s website.

For more information on the AGS Ideal® Report and more, please visit