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Introducing GIA’s Sessions for Conclave 2023

If you’re looking to boost your gemological knowledge, Conclave is where you can learn from some of the top minds at GIA! This year, GIA is presenting 11 educational sessions. We’re spotlighting five in this issue!

GIA is Conclave’s Official Education Sponsor and Early Bird sponsor. Register by January 31 to save $200! Once the Early Bird rate ends, registration is $1,125.

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Official Education and Early Bird Sponsor

Introduction to Jewelry Forensics

Presenters: Al Gilbertson, Carson Lee, and John Cason

Through this lecture and hands-on class, you will learn “jewelry forensics” basics, including identifying hand-fabricated components, cast components, CAD/CAM manufactured components, and cast-in-place gemstones.

Attendees will understand and learn a systematic process and recognize basic traces of manufacturing processes.

Identifying Laboratory-Grown Diamonds

Presenters: Dr. James Shigley, Brenda Harwick, and John Cason

Laboratory-grown diamonds are developed in laboratories and factories over short periods of time. Over the past decade, a rapid increase in this technology has added to the availability of laboratory-grown diamonds in the jewelry marketplace. Now, more than ever, full disclosure and confidence in knowing what you are buying are critical.

Through interactive, guided discussion and a hands-on lab, this session will cover HPHT and CVD laboratory-grown diamonds and how to separate them from natural diamonds.

Montana Sapphires: History, Gemology, and Identification

Presenters: Dr. Aaron Palke, Nathan Renfro, and Shane F. McClure

This session will be led by a senior GIA research scientist with hands-on experience. Understand the characteristic inclusion scenes observed in Montana sapphires, and become familiar with how heat treatment affects the secondary Montana sapphires and the tell-tale signs of treatment.

The instructor will also address potential sources that could produce sapphires whose gemological properties may be confused with the Montana sapphires.

Inclusions in Synthetic Gems

Presenters: Dr. Aaron Palke, Nathan Renfro, and Shane F. McClure

This hands-on class will cover a variety of inclusions that will aid in determining the synthetic origin of several gemstones. Common materials, such as corundum and rare synthetics, will be represented.

Fluorescence and Diamond Appearance

Presenters: Dr. Tao Hsu and Lisa Kennedy

Diamond fluorescence and its influence on diamond appearance have always been debated in the gem and jewelry trade. GIA’s research team developed quantitative methods to tackle this issue and brought more clarity to this long-lasting debate. These methods help sellers better present fluorescent diamonds, which helps buyers make well-informed buying decisions.

This session focuses on the most commonly seen blue fluorescence in diamonds.

We've got more for you to look forward to...

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Make your plans as soon as possible so you can gear up for the GIA sessions and more!