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January 6, 2023

AGS Ideal® Report: New FAQs Added to the Resource Page

Do you have questions about the AGS Ideal® Report from GIA? We have the answers! Please read through the following FAQs. Will there be a proprietary AGS Ideal® Report that is customized for branded diamond programs? The AGS Ideal® Report from GIA is not available with custom branding. However, it does have both the AGS and GIA logo, which is a valuable differentiator for your diamond programs. Will GIA offer special pricing for AGS Laboratories clients? The AGS Ideal® Report from GIA is a great value at US$25. The report will be available in January 2023. GIA does not offer

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Be Aware of Fake American Gem Society Accounts

We wanted you to be aware of a site imitating the American Gem Society and AGS Laboratories. The site is using our logos, digital badges, and other content belonging to us. The URL for this website is Note the extra “s” after “gem” and the “.com” as opposed to our site, (or you can use Please keep the similar naming in mind if you see a website or social media page claiming to be AGS or AGS Laboratories, and report it to us immediately at [email protected]. We are taking appropriate action to have these accounts removed and

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Talking Points for Discussing AGS Laboratories Diamond Grading Reports with Your Customers

AGS Laboratories offers diamond grading reports for round brilliants and fancy shapes, as well as mounted goods, brown diamonds, custom, and proprietary reports. With a report as unique as the diamond, it may not be easy to convey its importance to your customer without getting too technical. To help enhance your customer’s experience, we listed eight talking points below to help you easily discuss AGS Laboratories’ reports. A diamond is an important purchase. You are looking for something precious and rare, and knowing and understanding the quality of your diamond will give you peace of mind. It’s important to have

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Letter From the CEO: A Look Back as We Look Forward

The new year is a perfect time to look back and reflect. It’s a chance to applaud our highlights and achievements, and look to the future to identify change and opportunities for growth. I want to do both; share a few of last year’s milestones and preview what you can expect from the American Gem Society (AGS) this year. First, a look back. I recently read a Harvard Business Review article, “To See the Way Forward, Look Back,” by Ranjay Gulati. The article proposes the need to revisit an organization’s founding ideals to sharpen its purpose and values. Gulati outlines

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What is a Medically Underwritten Plan?

By Jeremy McLendon, Health insurance can be hard to understand and navigate. From terminology to the enrollment process, it can be easy to get lost along the way. Although there is a lot to take in, it is important to comprehend the health insurance basics as it may help to save you time and money. One of these perplexing aspects of health insurance is a “medically underwritten plan.” So, what is a medically underwritten plan? In short, a medically underwritten plan is healthcare coverage in which the insurance company reviews an applicant’s medical history. This is used to factor

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Community News: DAVID WEISZ Announces New Branded Experience

This legacy fine jewelry company is implementing the start of a “new era.” DAVID WEISZ began with humble beginnings in Satu Mare, Romania, in the early 1900s. David had a custom fine jewelry boutique that was shut down at the start of WWII. David’s son Herman was the sole survivor of the family, who gained possession of a parcel of diamonds from his father, which he managed to smuggle during the war. This remaining heirloom from his family gave Herman the strength and drive to reignite the business in New York. Herman formally established the DAVID WEISZ brand in 1949,

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