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Diamond Light Performance Series: Platinum Report

By Jerrica Hamblin, Laboratory Program Development Analyst, AGS Laboratories

In our last issue, we focused on the definition of the AGS Cut Grade and the story it tells about a diamond’s sparkle. What kind of report can help you sell an AGS Ideal® Cut Grade diamond? The Platinum Light Performance Diamond Quality Document (DQD)!

This report is the most comprehensive of the AGS Laboratories documents, defining each of the 4Cs with an ASET® map.

The ASET® is a useful selling tool, as it communicates how the diamond was cut and it’s light performance. Just below the ASET® is a key that defines each of the colors found in the image, making the tool easy to explain and understand at the sales counter.

Jerrica Harrold
Jerrica Harrold

Other notable report features include:

  • “Natural Diamond” under the AGS Number, providing confirmation that the diamond is natural.
  • Plot diagram used to identify the diamond’s unique clarity characteristics.
  • Scannable QR-code that leads the buyer to AGS Laboratories Report Verification where they may verify the report.

This popular report is available in both print and digital format and pairs very well with our Only My Diamond® platform!

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