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Light Performance Series: What is Light Performance?

By Jerrica Hamblin, Laboratory Program Development Analyst, AGS Laboratories

Welcome to the Light Performance Series! Within this series, I will highlight a variety of light performance reports and services we offer. But first…what is light performance?

AGS Laboratories cut grade method is well-regarded for being scientifically reviewed, objective, and repeatable. While our first cut grade report focused on round brilliants, we’ve extended our methodology to fancy shapes such as oval, cushion, princess, and emerald, as well as unique proprietary shapes. This type of system helps manufacturers in planning and cutting diamonds, which in turn gives consumers more choices of high-performing diamonds.

The Light Performance grading system revolutionized the industry. This patented methodology uses raytracing technology to analyze light performance and measure the attributes that are most important to a diamond’s beauty. These attributes focus on how the diamond interacts with light and its performance which are essential in the overall cut grade of the stone.

One primary tool AGS Laboratories uses to communicate light performance is the ASET® image. The image indicates where the diamond is finding light from light sources in its environment. For example, light that is being blocked or diffused is less powerful, as well as light that leaves the bottom of the diamond. The ASET® also exhibits the craftsmanship of a diamond and the precision with which it was cut.

Visit our Light Performance and ASET® webpages to learn more.

ASET® image
ASET® image