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The Report Report: Laboratory-Grown Diamond Reports

By Jerrica Hamblin, Laboratory Program Development Analyst, AGS Laboratories

The Laboratory-Grown Diamond Report is a result of over a year of research to develop a product that helps jewelry buyers better understand the qualities of laboratory-grown diamonds. This tool was also designed to assist retailers in selling laboratory-grown diamonds, with additional educational references and consumer-friendly videos.

The Laboratory-Grown Diamond Report comes in a digital format and is a component of Only My Diamond® for laboratory-grown diamonds. The online experience contains additional educational information, specifically created with the customer in mind. Other elements of the unique platform include:

  • A special section on the 4Cs of laboratory-grown diamonds.
  • Unique color and clarity grading nomenclature, and a focus on precision cutting.
  • The only report of its kind offering the AGS Ideal® cut grade for laboratory-grown diamonds.
  • Two laser inscriptions, which will clearly identify that the diamond is laboratory-grown.
  • Reporting on laboratory-grown diamond type and growth details.
Laboratory-Grown Diamond Report
Laboratory-Grown Diamond Report

As the laboratory-grown diamond market continues to expand and evolve, customers need a grading report that clearly explains the characteristics of laboratory-grown diamonds. This digital report is also available for custom branding for programs!

For more information and to submit your laboratory-grown diamonds, contact [email protected]. Also, check out our website to learn how we are educating consumers on our report and on laboratory-grown diamonds.