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The Report Report: Colored Diamond Document for Fancy Brown Diamonds

By Jerrica Hamblin, Laboratory Program Development Analyst, AGS Laboratories

Fancy, deep, rich, brown diamond with moderate orange accents.

AGS Laboratories is known for grading colorless diamonds, but did you know AGS Laboratories also grades fancy brown diamonds? In 2018, we introduced the Colored Diamond Document for fancy brown diamonds. The report has many benefits when selling to jewelry buyers, such as the visual attributes and graphic design the report uses to communicate color.

Notable features of the report:

  • Intensity: The combination effect of tone and saturation are evaluated on a scale from “Very Soft” to “Fancy Dark.”
  • Accents and Accent Color: Subtle hues that contribute to the diamond’s overall color.
  • Character: Describes the evidence of accent colors and saturation.
  • Also Includes: Plot, Shape and Style, Finish (polish and symmetry), Clarity, Carat Weight, and Fluorescence.

The Colored Diamond Document is part of AGS Laboratories’ Chroma Signature℠ System. It evaluates all aspects of the color in each diamond which is then reflected in the final color grade. The result? A color diamond grading report that describes color in an educational, easy-to-understand way.

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AGS Laboratories Colored Diamond Document
AGS Laboratories Colored Diamond Document