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Program Spotlight: Diamonds in Space

By Jerrica Hamblin, Laboratory Program Development Analyst, AGS Laboratories

AGS Laboratories is pleased to be a part of several exciting industry programs that include our reports and services. In this issue of Lab Scope, we’ll be spotlighting an out-of-this-world program that will have you looking to the stars!

Dianna Rae Jewelry, an American Gem Society (AGS) jeweler, located in Lafayette, LA, has introduced a new concept to the market that will have diamonds breaking the sound barrier next summer, “Diamonds in Space.”

The Diamonds in Space Program will send diamonds on a NASA mission to the International Space Station. The diamonds will orbit Earth at 17,500 mph and will be available for sale to the public. The journey will take about 30 days, traveling 10 million miles.

Dianna Rae, an award-winning custom design jeweler, wants to offer diamonds that bring together romantics who love a classic diamond and technically-minded people who are fascinated with owning a piece of history with an incredible space odyssey experience.

Both natural and laboratory-grown diamonds will be offered in the program. Each diamond will be evaluated by AGS Laboratories, receive an AGS number, inscription, and the exclusive Space Passport. They will also be available on the Only My Diamond® Diamonds in Space Experience.

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