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Behind the Scenes: Diamond Testing

By Wade Abel, CG, Director of Gemological Services, AGS Laboratories

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes at AGS Laboratories? In this new segment, we’ll give you a rare look into the processes required to complete our services. Let’s begin with diamond testing.

The testing protocols at AGS Laboratories have always been important to identify treatment in diamonds and for the determination of natural versus laboratory-grown diamonds. The diamonds go through multiple steps to ensure that the necessary disclosures are reported.

For the Laboratory-Grown Diamond Grading Service, testing ensures that the laboratory-grown diamond type and growth method are correctly determined and reported. The use of multiple instruments and expertise of our advanced detection department assure that the reporting of diamond treatment, the determination of natural versus laboratory-grown diamonds, and the growth type of laboratory-grown diamonds are accurately determined. This advanced testing along with providing required disclosures and other important information help to increase confidence in consumer protection.

Please enjoy this video that gives a behind-the-scenes look at our testing process.