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AGS Laboratories Opens Laboratory-Grown Diamond Grading Report to the Industry—Pilot Program Ends

Last August, AGS Laboratories announced that they would resume grading laboratory-grown diamonds (a service they offered until 2012) with a pilot program that included a few select clients. The pilot has successfully reached its conclusion and AGS Laboratories is now offering its report to all members of the laboratory-grown diamond industry.

The Laboratory-Grown Diamond Grading Report comes in a digital format and is a component of Only My Diamond® (OMD) for Laboratory-Grown Diamonds, which contains additional educational information, including a special section on the 4Cs of laboratory-grown diamonds.

Laboratory-Grown Diamond Report
Laboratory-Grown Diamond Report

The report features details on the laboratory-grown diamonds’ growth method, cut, color and clarity, shapes and measurements, as well as two laser inscriptions, which help serve as a unique identifier.

“We tested our program successfully over the course of the past year and are thrilled we can now offer this special report to the industry at large,” says Jason Quick, RJ, Executive Director of AGS Laboratories. “We’d like to thank the clients who participated in the tests: ALTR, ADA Diamonds, and Lumex. Because of them, we feel wholly confident in our official launch of the Laboratory-Grown Diamond Grading Report, which provides consumers with a detailed assessment of their diamond’s quality.”

Additionally, AGS Laboratories has launched a proprietary Laboratory-Grown Diamond Grading Report, which can be customized to include a client’s brand and logo. To learn more about AGS Laboratories’ products for laboratory-grown diamonds, contact [email protected].