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10 Reasons to Choose AGS Laboratories

By Jerrica Hamblin, Laboratory Program Development Analyst, AGS Laboratories

Ever wonder what makes AGS Laboratories different? Sure, we are known for our prestigious cut grade, research, and development efforts as well as our science and technology, but what about the services that go beyond the 4Cs? I have listed ten of those exceptional services below!

Grading Report Collage
AGS Laboratories Grading Report Samples (not all pictured).

1) Proprietary Grading Reports

At AGS Laboratories, we understand the importance of brand recognition. Pair your natural diamond with a branded diamond grading report. Now available for laboratory-grown diamonds!

2) Collaborative Customer Service

Not sure which grading report to choose? Not a problem! Our customer experience specialists will walk you through our report suite and recommend which report best supports your diamond.

3) Cut Optimization Services

A newer service of the laboratory, our research, and development experts can assist you and your cutting team to achieve the AGS Ideal® cut grade for fancy and proprietary shapes.

4) Only My Diamond®

With our Only My Diamond® platform, the consumer is presented with information that surpasses the 4Cs. Other elements of the website include detailed ASET® and light performance information, an optical precision map, and a 360-degree rotating diamond video!

5) AGS Membership

AGS Membership offers a great community of industry professionals, consumer marketing support, and continuing education. But if you are an AGS Member and an AGS Laboratories client, you receive even more perks with the laboratory!

6) AGS Laboratories ASET®

The ASET® is a unique asset that our laboratory offers. This color-coded image indicates where exactly the diamond is gathering light, and how well it performs.

7) Program Development

Special programs are just that—special. That is why we offer custom-branding opportunities across our platforms.

8) Sales Training

Need assistance selling our lab’s products and services? Our business development team is ready to help! We can help you prepare for in-store training with material and demonstrations on how to sell our grading reports.

9) Advanced Testing

Did you know we have a full suite of testing services? It’s part of our commitment to consumer protection!

10) Colored Diamond Document

Did you know AGS Laboratories has its own nomenclature for fancy brown diamonds? With over a year of research behind it, the Colored Diamond Document for Fancy Brown Diamonds offers a one-of-a-kind vocabulary for color diamonds.

Find a service you are interested in? Contact our team today at [email protected].