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The Report Report: Cut Optimization Services

By Jerrica Hamblin, Laboratory Program Development Analyst, AGS Laboratories

Although this column was created to discuss grading reports, in this issue, I will spotlight a relatively new service at AGS Laboratories that helps manufacturers take their diamonds to the next level in optimal cutting: our Cut Optimization service.

The AGS Laboratories Cut Optimization service applies the proven skills, capabilities, and rich experience of our innovative team of research and development analysts. We offer quality guidance to manufacturers to cut, optimize, and achieve the AGS 0® cut grade.

Our key areas of focus are:

  • Optimizing fancy, proprietary, or patented cuts to achieve the AGS 0® cut grade.
  • Providing informed cutting guidance and supporting data to manufacturers to achieve the AGS Ideal® standard.
  • One-on-one cut optimization consulting, before and after the data is provided.
  • Providing ongoing cut support to answer any questions that may arise during the cutting process.

We take the manufacturer through the optimization process with various consultations and data packages within our Ideal framework. In addition, our team strives for clear, transparent communication to ensure our solutions align with our client’s vision and business goals.

Jerrica Harrold

ASET® images showing the results before and after using Cut Optimization. Click each image for a larger view.

Research and Development and Business Development work together to understand your needs to best support you in achieving the prestigious AGS Ideal 0® cut grade.

Want to know more? Contact us at [email protected] or call 877.367.0288.