The Beauty of Opal

With its amazing display of colors and kaleidoscopic patterns, opal is a unique and spectacular gemstone. They’re stunning as rings, pendants, necklaces, and any other jewelry style you can think of! As one of the two birthstones representing October, and the gifting gemstone for 14th wedding anniversaries, there is more to opal than one might think. If you have ever wondered what makes opal special beyond its eye-catching colors, keep reading! Opal and diamond earrings by Lightning Ridge Collection by John Ford Each opal has its own uniqueness, but many might not know how they developed. Seasonal rains soaked the

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Beauty and Color Collide in Opals

By Donna Jolly, RJ American Gem Society Every now and then, we see a piece of jewelry that makes us just stop and go, “Oh wow!” It happens a lot to our team at the American Gem Society, but this ring (below)  from Omi Privé sent the decibel levels up a notch and “Oh wow, sounded more like “OH WOW!!!” This gorgeous 4.50 carat black opal is set in 18K yellow gold and surrounded by a halo of accent stones including diamonds, green tsavorite garnets, and pear-shape sapphires. The opal has an impressive array of color, with intense blues and

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