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Celebrating Cushion Cut

By Amanda L. Colborn One of the most popular and consistently trending diamond and gemstone shapes is the cushion cut. Originally referred to as the “old mine cut,” the cushion cut is essentially a square cut with rounded corners, much like a cushion…hence it’s name. Arguably, one of the top most popular cuts today – the round cut diamond being the first – the cushion cut has been around for approximately 200 years. Cushion cuts have evolved over time, refinements have been made since the 1920’s to improve the brilliance and light return of the cut causing a big increase

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4 Reasons Diamonds are Not Expensive

By Preston Wallace, CGA, K-Jon’s Jewelery Customers walk in my door every day and say “Wow! $8,000 for that?  Diamonds are expensive!”  But they’re not.  I know what you’re thinking: I’m crazy, right?  No, I meant what I said, and no, I’m not crazy.  If you consider what diamonds are, how we get them, and what their value does over time, I think you’ll agree that diamonds are NOT expensive.  Here are 4 reasons why: 1. Diamonds are Rare On average, one million diamonds must be mined to find one 1ct diamond.  Think about that!  Diamonds are extremely rare, especially

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Virtual Facets: The building blocks of sparkle

By Marc Nanasi, NEI Diamonds We know that a standard round Brilliant Cut has 57 (sometimes 58) facets, so how come when you look into a diamond, it appears that there are hundreds of flashing geometric shapes? Those flashes are known as virtual facets, and collectively they dictate a diamond’s sparkle. When light moves through a stone, it travels a longer distance than you would expect: A ray of light enters the diamond through one facet, reflects off two different facets, and exits the stone through a fourth. Because these facets work together to direct light, slightly tilting any facet

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