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Sustaining Firm Spotlight: Instappraise, Inc.

Instappraise, Inc. is a software development company focused on creating streamlined software solutions for the jewelry industry. Their main platform,, is a cloud-based jewelry appraisal platform focused on optimizing the appraisal creation and distribution process.

For many years, Raphael Boivin, founder and CEO of Instappraise, Inc., operated a website and software development firm for local small businesses, many of whom were retail jewelers and appraisers.

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“We started contemplating the option of creating an appraisal management solution that would leverage the latest technologies and bring a fresh new approach to the appraisal software space,” said Raphael. “We officially registered Instappraise, Inc. in January 2017 and got to work.”

After nearly two and a half years of brainstorming, mapping, development, and testing, Instappraise, Inc. launched their open BETA at JCK Tucson 2019 and subsequently launched commercially at JCK Las Vegas in June 2019.

Raphael adds, “Thanks to the constant inflow of user feedback and suggestions, the platform has now evolved into a much more robust solution suited for both retail jewelers and independent appraisers.”

Instappraise, Inc. was created to streamline the appraisal process for a wide spectrum of users, from family-owned businesses to multi-store operations to independent appraisers.

“Documents generated on the Instappraise platform offer an elegant, professional presentation focused on the user’s brand.” Raphael continues, “Many customization options are available to users, ensuring a personalized experience and offering a level of customization that makes each document unique.”

In 2020, Instappraise, Inc. became an AGS member. Raphael shares some of the most compelling factors of being part of the AGS community.

“Since its inception in 1934, AGS created an amazing community of highly-qualified professionals with a passion for the jewelry industry that is second to none. This kind of passion amongst AGS members has been proven to translate into self-improvement, growth, and consistent learning throughout the community.

“Being surrounded by so many subject matter experts allows us to learn from the very best in the industry, bringing us closer to our goal of offering the best appraisal solution on the market.”

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