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Supplier Spotlight: Vantyghem Diamonds

Vantyghem Diamonds, located in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, is proudly celebrating their 50th anniversary this year.

Founders Arlette and Ralph Vantyghem grew up among diamond cutters in Belgium. They immigrated to Canada and started their business in 1973, selling loose diamonds to independent retail jewelers in Canada.

Their son, Kevin Vantyghem, President of Vantyghem Diamonds, invested six years refining his business expertise in the pharmaceutical trade before carrying on the Vantyghem diamond name. After completing his GIA education, Kevin equipped himself with valuable hands-on experience in Antwerp, Belgium—where it all began.

Vantyghem has built lasting relationships with their retail customers, honoring their commitment to accommodate their needs. While traveling and working closely with customers, Kevin saw a need to help their clients’ sales associates better present diamonds as well as give the consumer confidence in the diamonds they were purchasing.

Vantyghem's founding partners,
Arlette and Ralph Vantyghem.
Vantyghem's president, Kevin Vantyghem,
at their office.

Working with award-winning Canadian industrial designer Joseph Hofer, Vantyghem created a complete diamond authentication and presentation system that keeps relevant grading information at a glance: the Authentication Plate System™.

Kevin explains that the Authentication Plate System™ is currently used with Canadian-origin diamonds only. “You’ll receive your Canadian diamond with its own uniquely engraved authentication plate and all the assurances.”

To verify that their diamond is part of the authentication program, customers can visit, which is owned and operated by Vantyghem Diamonds and backed by their tracking systems.

Vantyghem Authentication Platesystem
Vantyghem Canadian Origin Display for Retailers

As part of their 50th-anniversary celebration, Vantyghem Diamonds plans to give back. “We plan to raise funds in the month of June towards the Renaissance School Project under the Young Diamantaires group that I am a part of and am on its organizing committee,” says Kevin. This project funds the expansion of a school in Messina, South Africa. The expansion will include a library and kitchen for the 1,200 students at the school. To learn more about this project or to donate, visit

Kevin has found inspiration and mentors through the Young Diamantaires. “The respect and openness of this group has been so refreshing to see, and it’s because of this group I have a much more positive and exciting outlook of our industry.” Kevin continues, “It has allowed me to grow and learn from each other’s experiences, and this is invaluable. My advice is to find your group of people in the industry—your brothers and sisters—so you can learn and grow from each other without being scared of asking questions and who strengthen you in your business and personal lives.”

The Renaissance School Project

He also offers one piece of advice to new American Gem Society members: Don’t wait to get involved. “There is so much to learn from others in the industry that have had the experience, which is knowing things to do and not do. Your growth by being involved will be two-fold by doing so.”

Visit to learn more about their diamond services.