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The Recertification Exam is administered to all American Gem Society (AGS) titleholders and designees—an audience of over 1,800 individuals. The abstracts included in the Recertification Exam Abstract Booklet create the curriculum for the exam. Participation as an abstract contributor establishes you as a thought leader in the AGS community as the booklet is promoted via email, social media, and through our eLearning portal, AGS PRO.

Abstract Guidelines:

  1. All abstract(s) should be 500–800 words.
    1. Please cite references using APA format, if applicable.
    2. Any accompanying images or photos must be 300 dpi in resolution.
  2. The abstract should be informative and educational, not promotional. Include the purpose, main arguments, and the important results and evidence from your session, webinar, etc.
    1. Please note that the audience may include individuals who did not participate in your session, webinar, etc., so please write to a general audience.

Submission Tips:

  • Please complete all fields in this submission form.
  • The text from the abstract may be entered into the provided field on this form, or a Word document or PDF can be uploaded under “Abstract Upload.”
  • Any images accompanying your abstract, including your headshot, can be uploaded with the “Additional Attachments” option.

Please note: AGS may make editorial changes throughout your abstract to clarify or enhance the intended meaning of one or more sentence(s) or section(s). If changes beyond this are needed, we will request your final approval.

Thank You!

We want to thank you again for your support! You are playing a vital part in supporting the AGS community in its professional development and in upholding the Society’s tenets.

Thank you!

We have received your abstract submission. If we have questions, a team member will contact you.