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Three Spring Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

By Kimberly Tate, Content Creator, American Gem Society and AGS Laboratories

Ready to amp up your wardrobe for warmer weather? It’s easy to gravitate toward the same pieces day after day, but now’s the chance to turn a good outfit into a great one with various trending styles and accessories for spring!

We’ll take a look at three bold and beautiful spring trends with some inspiration from our American Gem Society members.

Bright Colors

Vibrant colors can give your look a blast of high energy! Jazz up your wrist with a striking cuff featuring an array of gorgeous multicolored feathers by Évocateur. If you’re going with a neutral outfit and need a pop of color, a gorgeous pair of tourmaline and diamond earrings by Omi Privé will do the trick.

Fancy Feathers Cuff by Évocateur
Fancy Feathers Cuff by Évocateur
Omi Privé
Tourmaline and Diamond Earrings by Omi Privé

Stacks on Stacks

When it comes to accessories, there’s always room for more! Stacking your jewelry is the perfect way to use many of your pieces to create a chic, elegant, and glamourous look. Mix and match various necklaces with butterfly accents by Lika Behar Collection, or you can make a colorful stack with bracelets by Gabriel & Co.

Lika Behar Collection
Necklace Designs by Lika Behar Collection
Gabriel & Co.
Bracelet Designs by Gabriel & Co.

Silver and Chrome

Silver jewelry has made a grand re-entrance so it’s time to make room in our jewelry boxes! For many seasons, gold has dominated but silvery pieces are quietly making a comeback. Put your modest designs aside and venture out with a unique piece like the ‘Armadillo’ ring by Furrer Jacot. When worn, each polished panel reflects the light and creates an optical illusion! If you love the textured look, try out one of King Baby Studio’s silver and onyx designs.


Wondering where you can find trending jewelry in your area? Visit our find an AGS jeweler tool.