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Visual Proportion Analyzer

Introducing the Visual Proportion Analyzer (VPA).  It was developed by the AGS Laboratory research team to enable the user to quickly and easily determine the cutting precision of a diamond.  The software is completely free.  This release is the most recent beta version and we will continue to improve it.  Updates will become available on our website.  We only ask that if you find it of value to please give us some feedback about it.   Contact the AGS Laboratories by emailing

The software is a tool that can help you to be a much better buyer of diamonds.
 It can help you make more sales, particularly with the increasing number of high tech/engineering/scientific/better-educated buyers. 

It also gives you a unique story to tell about precision, art and performance in some of your sales presentations.  Who doesn’t need another good story to tell when selling? 

Lastly, we hope you will ‘get it’ when you learn about the extraordinary levels of precision that some diamond cutters are able to accomplish.  They are cutting to levels not possible as recently as just a few years ago. 

Please email us to request the software, AGS Laboratories will send you an email with an attachment which contains the full version of the software.  Instructions for activation will be included in the email. Software will only run under all versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7..

This software can only be used if you have access to a Sarin machine or an .stl or .srn file. 


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