Unconventional Trends for Jewelry in Fashion
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Jewelry Styles 2.0

Although classics like diamond studs and simple pendants will always endure, today’s jewelry fashions bring a youthful, fun look to this timelessly elegant gem. Colored diamonds, unique metals and fanciful shapes are just a few of the ways you can add style and a unique twist to your jewelry collection.

Here’s a few styles and ideas to consider.

Take a look at some of these fun, unconventional trends. 

Colored Diamonds

Colored diamonds have a vast range of tones, from pale yellow to romantic rose to gleaming black.

Yellow diamonds feature a variety of overtone colors and intensity grades. They have also caught the eye of celebrities, who can be spotted wearing canary diamonds.

Chocolate diamonds offer rich, dark hues and have become popular with shoppers searching for original and unique pieces. Tones include light brown, reddish-copper and dark olive brown.

Dramatic and gleaming, black diamonds are also hot. Pieces made with this cutting-edge stone include earrings, diamond covered watches, and men’s and women’s black diamond rings.

Checkerboard black and white diamond earrings or bracelets are showstoppers, while hoops and studs in this ebony-hued stone evoke a mysterious glamour.

Every year, PANTONE®, the world-renowned authority on color, picks a hue they feel best represents what is taking place in our culture, serving as an expression of a mood or attitude. Jewelry designers love to incorporate these chosen colors in their diamond jewelry, which often features color-enhanced diamonds.

Trends in Metals

Rose Gold Diamond Ring

Yellow and rose gold settings are a popular trend, bringing warm, uplifting tones to diamond jewelry from modern classics to fanciful pieces and blingy showstoppers. Often mixed with other metals and gemstones, diamonds set in yellow gold offer a bright, modern look that moves easily from day to evening wear.

For something different, try rose gold. Fun and casual styles incorporating diamonds and colored settings of various materials are a great way to add a little dazzle to your day.

One popular trend is diamond-studded colored silicone rings, perfect for coordinating with attire or stacking for a sporty yet feminine statement.

Layering and Stacking

Stackable Rings

Mixing and matching different pieces, metals and styles is right on-trend, working best with diamond rings, necklaces and bracelets. Long, thin necklaces of different lengths layer beautifully while a more polished and sophisticated look can be achieved by wrapping a very long necklace around the neck several times.

Rings and bracelets are easy and fun to stack, mixing styles, colors and even types of gold. It’s no longer forbidden to mix white, yellow and rose gold, and it’s a great way to wear all your favorites at one time.

Flexible and Transformable

Owning a piece of jewelry that can fulfill numerous functions is both fashionable and convenient. This type of jewelry can be worn different ways, depending on the wearer’s mood. For example, a pendant that detaches from its necklace can also be worn as a brooch, or clipped into the hair as a barrette. A pair of diamond studs can be transformed into elegant evening drop earrings.

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