Handheld ASET
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Handheld ASET

The AGS Handheld ASET®, though less exacting than its larger counterparts, is the right size to have with you any time you need the support of light performance technology.

The handheld ASET is easy to use on loose or mounted diamonds, and is convenient for travel. Simply hold a diamond (in tweezers) centered and flush with the rim and position the cone so that maximum light enters it.

When a diamond is viewed through the ASET, a color-coded image is seen. The different colors show the angles from which the diamond gathers light.

Green = 0º (horizon) to 45º

Red = 45º to 75º

Blue = 75º to 90º

Black or White = indicates leakage


Red represents light coming from angles where there is likely to be bright, direct sources of illumination in most viewing environments. This color is dominant in the ASET image of a well-cut diamond.

Blue corresponds to light that normally is blocked by the viewer's head and body. An ASET image with a moderate amount of this color in an attractive pattern means the diamond has good contrast.

Green is produced by low-angle light, which usually is reflected from walls or other objects in the surrounding area (rather than coming from direct sources). A diamond with a high cut quality may show small amounts of this color around the bezel area of the ASET image.

Black or White appears in areas that do not return light under real-life viewing conditions. If a diamond is well cut, the ASET image will show only very small areas of black or white around the outer edge (and perhaps none).

Handheld ASET®
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Handheld ASET® Tutorial 

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