Laboratory-Grown Diamonds

AGS Laboratories recently resumed grading laboratory-grown diamonds, a service we previously offered several years ago.

The new enhanced report is the result of over a year of research and development to create a product that helps jewelry buyers better understand the qualities of their laboratory-grown diamonds.

The Laboratory-Grown Diamond Grading Report is in a digital format and is a component of Only My Diamond® (OMD) for Laboratory-Grown Diamonds, which contains additional educational information, including a special section on the 4Cs of laboratory-grown diamonds. Other noteworthy features of the report include:

  • Unique color and clarity grading nomenclature, enhanced educational information, and a focus on precision cutting.
  • The only report of its kind offering AGS Ideal® laboratory-grown diamonds.
  • Two laser inscriptions, which will clearly identify that the diamond is laboratory grown.
  • Growth details regarding the laboratory-grown diamond.

As the market expands, consumers need a diamond grading report that clearly explains the characteristics of laboratory-grown diamonds. AGS Laboratories was founded for consumer protection, and our Laboratory-Grown Diamond Grading Report is one more way that we are demonstrating our commitment to the mission.

Have questions about AGS Laboratories’ diamond grading report for laboratory-grown diamonds? Click here to learn more.

For the full experience of our report, click here, to see Only My Diamond for Laboratory-Grown Diamonds®.

Currently, AGS Laboratories is in a pilot program and will expand services later this year. If you are interested in obtaining a laboratory-grown diamond grading report, please fill out this short form:


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