Laboratory-Grown Diamonds


Our goal at AGS Laboratories is to give you a transparent and objective look into the journey of these technological marvels: how they’ve impacted the world, how they’re graded, how they’re created, and ultimately how to shop with confidence.

For hundreds of years, scientists have known the special qualities of a diamond and studied them further. Their unique chemical make-up gives them exotic attributes with potential for an infinite amount of applications. While diamonds have astounding properties, natural diamonds are also very rare. But what would science be if we didn’t experiment with ways to overcome the roadblock of scarcity standing between us and technological advancement?

The solution? Laboratory-grown diamonds.They chemically share the same properties of a natural diamond that comes from the ground. Laboratory-grown diamonds just took a different journey to get into your hands.

You may know the story of a natural diamond. It started out as carbon with big dreams. After undergoing intense pressure and high temperatures in the Earth’s mantle, it became a natural diamond. Laboratory-grown diamonds, are carefully grown in a lab with many decades of science, research, and TLC. Laboratory-grown diamonds are the celebration of humanity’s successful creation of nature’s best.

The journey to jewelry-quality laboratory-grown diamonds was paved through a myriad of other scientific breakthroughs and accomplishments. Now, they’re available for purchase in a range of qualities and price-points and you can read even more about them in our frequently asked questions page.


Mission Statement

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