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How to Buy Moonstone

Whether you’re celebrating a June birthday or honoring Florida’s state gemstone, moonstone jewelry makes a luminous gift.

Like diamonds and other gemstones, moonstones are assessed by the 4Cs: color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. An American Gem Society jeweler can help you find the moonstone you want.

Generally, the more transparent the stone and the bluer its adularescence (or sheen), the higher its value. Historically, the highest-quality moonstone gems came from Sri Lanka, but since those sources have essentially dried up, prices of classical blue moonstone have risen sharply.

Indian moonstones, in colors ranging from brown to orange and green, are more readily available and affordably priced. This means everyone can find a moonstone gemstone to fit their style and budget.

Classical moonstones are cut as cabochons with a high dome to accentuate the adularescence. Large blue moonstones (over 15 carats) are rare, but stones with silvery-white adularescence are available in sizes up to hundreds of carats.

This beautiful gemstone’s weakness is its relatively low hardness of 6 on the Mohs scale, making it prone to stress cracking. Care is required with moonstone jewelry like rings or bracelets, so brooches and pendants are often preferred instead.

There is no synthetic moonstone on the market. Although it has been simulated by chalcedony and manmade spinels, these imitations are easy to spot.

If you are looking for moonstone birthstone jewelry, find an American Gem Society jeweler near you.

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