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The Graduate Sales Associate Course

The Graduate Sales Course is now online only.

The Graduate Sales Associate course provides a concise introduction to the jewelry profession. As new people are hired, management is challenged to provide the attention and training that will enable the new associate to be productive - quickly. Although experience is a great teacher, the Graduate Sales Associate course provides new associates with a useful kick-start.

This online course contains pertinent facts on diamonds, colored stones, pearls, metals, watches, and period jewelry, along with information about the jewelry industry and the importance of good customer service and professionalism. All chapters deliver product information with an emphasis on how to romance and sell. End-of-the-chapter exercises suggest ways to practice what has just been learned.

Upon successful completion of the final exam, the associate is awarded a Graduate Sales Associate Certificate from the Jewelers Education Foundation of the American Gem Society. Credentials are important to the credibility of the individual and can raise the level of professionalism of the store in the eyes of the consumer. American Gem Society members can earn the designation, Certified Sales Associate, after completion of the GSA Exam and a short course, the AGS Professional.

Storeowners and sales associates will benefit from this low-cost course as it;

  • minimizes training time, while maximizing learning; 
  • expands the individual sales associate's knowledge and expertise;
  • prepares the sales associate to share the store's philosophy and the store's product;
  • gives the sales associate tools and techniques to aid in selling the product;
  • provides the credentials that can develop customer confidence;
  • shows the sales associate how to deliver accurate information to the customer in a professional manner;
  • assists the storeowner with a team-building program, bringing together management, sales associates, bench jewelers, and office staff to form a cohesive and productive unit. 

Consumers will benefit from this knowledge. As a consumer, you can be better informed about diamonds, color gemstones, pearls, precious metals, and watches. Learn about these exciting products, their sources, care, and qualities. Remember, look for professional credentials and educated advice before making a jewelry purchase.

Please note, the final exam is proctored online through a third party. In order the complete the exam, you must have a computer or laptop with a web camera & microphone and be able to run the required application. For a full list of system and test-taker requirements, click here.

Graduate Sales Associate course $289. American Gem Society members receive special pricing.
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