Welcome to the Diamond OdysseySM

Welcome to the Diamond OdysseySM

The Diamond Odyssey document provides the unique look into the history of the beautiful sculpture of light that is your diamond. Most natural diamonds have spent hundreds of millions of years, even billions, being formed under intense heat and pressure within the earth. This document tells the story of this individual diamond since it emerged.

This document tells the story of your diamond, through images, from the way it looked coming from the earth, to its planning stage (before it was cut) to the final, beautiful diamond as you see it now.


  Each document has an image of the actual rough diamond associated with that document, similar to the image above.


The rough image shows the state of the diamond before it is cut.


This is a representation of the planning stage. Master artisans virtually place the proposed facet arrangement of the diamond within the rough.


Master artisans use sophisticated technology to plan the cut of the diamond before the cutting process begins. Their keen eye ensures that the placement of the diamond within the rough will provide the most beautiful diamond possible. The use of technology combined with the age old art of diamond manufacturing come together visually in this document.


The Diamond Odyssey document uses an image of the actual diamond once the faceting is complete


Once the plan has been created, master diamond cutters take extreme care in executing the plan resulting in the beautiful, sparkling, faceted diamond.

This document also displays the weight of the original rough diamond, as well as the origin of the rough.

The unique opportunity to possess the knowledge of where the diamond originated, not only tells a story of the diamond but also provides peace of mind about how the diamond was sourced, ethically and responsibly.

The location of the origin of the rough diamond is verified by the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme that ensures the diamond has been ethically and humanely sourced.



This document is not available for any manufacturer, or supplier to use. To be able to have a document created from information provided by multiple sources, the client must be a participant in AGS Laboratories Data Acceptance Program.

The grading summary information on the document has been provided by the manufacturer of the diamond. All grading results must come from AGS Laboratories or a diamond grading laboratory that has been approved by AGS Laboratories. This, in combination with data necessary for the final AGS Cut Grade Analysis allow for the AGS cut grade to be available on the report. This combines all the information regarding the diamond in one document.

Information is passed from the manufacturer or supplier to AGS Laboratories to be included on the document. The Data Acceptance Program (DAP) requires thorough vetting of the client as well as ongoing audits to ensure information accuracy. For more information about the Data Acceptance Program including AGS Laboratory approved grading labs, please CLICK HERE.

If you have a Diamond OdysseySM document and would like more information about the DAP participant that provided the information on your document, please CLICK HERE.


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