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The Kingswood Company Launches New Clean + Care® Branded Product Line to Meet Market Need

Thursday, October 15, 2020  
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The Clean + Care® line lowers the barrier to entry for a wide range of the company’s most popular jewelry care products

The Kingswood Company

The Kingswood Company announced today the launch of Clean + Care®, a new line of jewelry care products designed to help jewelers expand their jewelry care product offerings with a lower barrier to entry. The line includes most of the products that Kingswood offers for private labeling, from jars of jewelry cleaner and polishing cloths, to popular newer additions including Sparkle + Shine® Sticks, Jewelry Cleaning Wipes and Foaming Jewelry Cleaners. However, these products carry the Clean + Care® brand.

The Kingswood Company Clean + Care products“Over the last several years, as we introduced new and exciting product options, we have heard from many of our customers that the minimum order quantities for private labeled products were higher than they could manage. This Clean + Care® product line makes these beautifully packaged products accessible to a wide range of jewelers and, in turn, their customers. We are excited to launch this branded product line to meet a real need in the market.”

Jars of Fine Jewelry Cleaner and Gentle Jewelry Cleaner can be ordered in case packs of just 12 units, while polishing cloths and microfiber cloths are available in case packs of 15 to 25. Popular newer entries to the Kingswood product line, including the Sparkle + Shine® Stick, the Foaming Jewelry Cleaner and Jewelry Cleaning Wipes are available in case packs of just 15. Clean + Care® Kits, which include a liquid cleaning formulation and polishing cloth packaged in an attractive point-of-sale display box, are packaged in a case pack of 24. And, the Clean + Care® Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner can be ordered by the individual unit.

In addition to lower minimum order requirements, the Clean + Care® product line allows jewelers to offer different products to see what resonates best with their customers. Jewelers can also mix Clean + Care® products with their private labeled products for a more complete range of product offerings. For jewelers looking to start a product line, there is a Starter Bundle available, which includes a curated set of products and point-of-sale display. Other Bundle options will become available soon, including a Limited Space Bundle, a Premium Bundle, a Trend + Style Bundle, and a Build Your Own Bundle. All Clean + Care® products, whether purchased separately or as part of a bundle, use the same high-quality cleaning formulations and sophisticated product packaging as the company’s private-label offerings.

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio since 1956, The Kingswood Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality jewelry care products, serving thousands of retailers, designers and manufacturers worldwide.


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