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Social Media Inspiration from the AGS Community

Wednesday, April 8, 2020  
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When you are looking for some social media inspiration, look no further than your own AGS community! We've reached out to members to see what advice they have to offer in regards to posting on social media and how they're staying in touch with clients and their own local community.


“Right now, social media should focus on showing solidarity with our community during this challenging time that we are all enduring. It's an opportunity to show our respective communities and audience that we are there for them.” – Bryan Aderhold, CG, Nash James Enterprises LLC

Social media post from Smithworks Fine Jewelry, letting their customers know that though they are closed, you can still shop with them. This is great for customers who may be having a birthday or anniversary.

Smithworks Fine Jewelry

Craig Hussar Designs 
shares a simple message of hope and positivity with their audience.
Craig Hussar Designs

Avenue Jewelers posted an eye-catching animation with a message of encouragement for their community.




“Showcasing community involvement and support is great, as well as just giving people a sparkly distraction from the world's crazy. Social media is so filled with moody memes and bad news—people seek it out as an escape and I'm hoping to use our content to brighten their day.” – Alexis Padis, CGA, Padis Jewelry.

Diamond Boutique has created daily #chromotherapy posts for their followers, spotlighting beautiful jewelry followed by encouraging words.

Warren Jewellers shared some "pawsitive" humor by posting their adorable cat modeling jewelry.


“It's not about trying to sell anything right now. Social media has gone back to actually being social, which is nice to see.” – Denise Richards, CGA, Underwood Jewelers

Manos Phoundoulakis of 
Omi Gems, Inc., and his wife Kelle, are busy making masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. They've put together a Go Fund Me page, located here. If they raise more money than is needed for supplies etc., they will find a charity or organization that is in need of funds, and will very happily make a donation. Manos has posted videos providing additional details and updates on the AGS members-only Facebook group and on the AGS Global Guilds Facebook group.

 Mano and Kelle

Hearts On Fire posted that their parent company, Chow Tai Fook Jewelry Group, is producing surgical masks to donate. It's not all about selling diamonds and jewelry.

Now is the time to connect with your followers by sharing your personal celebrations and milestones. The fun-loving owners of Harold Jaffe Jewelers, Jeff and Laurie, celebrated their wedding anniversary with some humor.

The message may seem simple, but it speaks volumes. Bromberg's uses their billboard as their Facebook cover photo, which displays a famous quote from the late poet, Maya Angelou.


If you have some inspirational, informational, beautiful or fun posts you'd like for us to share, let us know! Send us an email at


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