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Top 5 Services Your Customers Are Seeking

Tuesday, February 11, 2020  
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By Jewelers Mutual Group

Cleaning a ringFor a jeweler, landing a long-term customer is about as important as it gets. This customer is someone who trusts you to offer them only the best deals on the finest jewelry around, someone who counts on you to repair their broken pieces, and someone who knows you will help them find the best piece possible for their significant other on a special occasion.

Developing a long-term relationship with your customers pays off. It keeps them coming back to get their pieces fixed, cleaned, and even appraised. Maybe even one day when they stop in to get their ring cleaned, they spot a diamond pendant they just can’t leave your store without.

But it may not always be the easiest to build these special relationships with your customers. This is why you must find a way to add service after the sale to get your customers coming back into your store.

Here are some popular services customers are looking for:

  1. Ring re-sizing: As a jeweler, you will always ensure the ring fits the first time. However, not everyone’s ring finger stays the same size forever. Giving your customers the option to come in and get their ring adjusted on their time is an excellent service.
  2. Refinishing and polishing: After years of wearing it wherever they go, your customer's jewelry may begin to show some wear. Knowing they can go to you to get their piece refinished and polished offers peace of mind like no other.
  3. Replacement of cracked or chipped stones: Your customers would be devastated if they cracked or chipped a stone in their ring. This service is sure to gain respect from your clients.
  4. Watch battery replacement: No matter how strong, every watch battery’s lifespan will come to an end at some point. Where does your customer go when this happens?
  5. Fixing or replacing cracked or thinning bands or shanks: Shanks or bands can take a beating, offering to fix or replace can go a long way.

As a jeweler, you could offer your own in-house program to promote some of these services to your customers. However, replacing and repairing jewelry out of your own pocket can get costly.

This is where a service contract program like JM Care Plan™ from Jewelers Mutual Group comes in handy. You can repair or replace your customer’s jewelry without paying out of pocket and make additional revenue at the same time.

No matter if it’s today, tomorrow, or an upcoming holiday, adding value after a customer’s purchase is always important. You may just create a lifelong customer.


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