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5 Things Jewelers Should Know About Theft During the Holiday Season

Tuesday, December 10, 2019  
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By Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group

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Now that we are fully immersed in the busy holiday shopping season, don't forget to take caution.

Thieves come out in full force during the holidays. Keep in mind they typically blend in with the rest of the shopping crowd. However, instead of seeking and paying for a special gift, they're looking to pad their own wallet or collection.

With jewelry store thefts increasing in recent years, your entire staff needs to be extra prepared to prevent crimes that can easily go unnoticed.

The loss prevention experts at Jewelers Mutual Group recommend 5 things to keep in mind as you look to close out a successful year.

1. Jewelry store thefts come in many forms
Grab-and-run or sneak thefts are considered the most common forms of theft in jewelry stores. Keep in mind that criminals don’t stop there. Read about other common types of thefts.

2. Take physical inventory frequently
While doing a complete reconciliation of your entire inventory isn’t a reality during busy times, daily case counts are essential to control losses. This is especially true during the holidays.

3. An educated staff is your best defense
Insured with Jewelers Mutual? Enroll everyone at your business in JM University® and complete the Selling with Security course.

4. Hire extra security
Security guards are a great choice to call upon when customer traffic picks up. The presence of a guard can be enough to discourage many thieves from considering your business as a target.

5. Be aware of the time of day
According to the most recent JSA Annual Crime Report, the greatest number of robberies occurred between 8-9 p.m. and the second most active time being from 1-2 p.m.

 Grab and Run Theft Chart

For more information from the loss prevention experts at Jewelers Mutual, subscribe to the Clarity blog.


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