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Registered Jeweler | August 2019

Thursday, September 5, 2019  
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The following individuals have recently earned the prestigious designation of Registered Jeweler (RJ) by the American Gem Society:

Mariia Arkhypova, RJ Helzberg Diamonds #102 Bakersfield, CA
Heidi Bergeron-Stanchfield, RJ Bergeron Jewelers Yakima, WA
Reagan Bradwisch, RJ Helzberg Diamonds North Kansas City, MO
Charla Farley, RJ Baker & Baker Jewelers, Inc. Marietta, OH
Nisha Goel, RJ Brown & Company Jewelers Roswell, GA
Mitchell Hofmeister, RJ Helzberg Diamonds #209 Grandville, MI
Daylen Howard, RJ Helzberg Diamonds #635 Merrillville, IN
Frank Kassees, RJ Helzberg Diamonds #217 Roswell, GA
Katie Knaust, RJ Helzberg Diamonds North Kansas City, MO
Amber Rose Lara, RJ Helzberg Diamonds #082 Tucson, AZ
Steve Layton, RJ Helzberg Diamonds #626 Crystal Lake, IL
Michelle Martinez, RJ Helzberg Diamonds #337 Temecula, CA
Rusty Miller, RJ Helzberg Diamonds #645 Wilmington, DE
Julie Miranda, RJ Helzberg Diamonds #231 Greenwood, IN
Jenna Raschick, RJ Helzberg Diamonds #074 Fargo, ND
Leonardo Rodriguez, RJ Helzberg Diamonds #219 Broomfield, CO
Ashley Tippey, RJ Helzberg Diamonds #640 Gurnee, IL
Sheri Trentor, RJ Helzberg Diamonds #038 Duluth, MN
John Vecchio, RJ Michaels Jewelers Farmington, CT
Sarrina Wagner, RJ Helzberg Diamonds #049 Wichita, KS
Thomas Worley, RJ Helzberg Diamonds #245 Asheville, NC


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