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American Gem Society Awards Honorees at Titleholders Luncheon

Wednesday, April 10, 2019  
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The American Gem Society (AGS) presented a number of awards during the Titleholders Luncheon held during Conclave on Tuesday, April 9. All of the awards honor excellence, professionalism, and a commitment to ethics and consumer protection.

During the luncheon, Mark Nanasi, RS, Chair of the Young Titleholders Steering Committee, presented Meredith Schlessinger, CG, with the Young Titleholder of the Year Award.

AGS Young Titleholders Award 2019 to Meredith Schlessinger
Meredith Schlessinger, CG and Marc Nanasi, RS

“Since she joined the Young Titleholders, Meredith brought with her enthusiasm, energy, and great ideas. She is perhaps more passionate than any of us when it comes to building a warm and welcoming community,” said Mr. Nanasi.

Lisa Bridge, CG, of Ben Bridge Jewelers received a special award for reigniting the Young Titleholders. “Lisa helped take our community from an idea to a thriving and growing part of AGS. She is a leader who embodies the values and mentorship that we all expect from AGS members,” Mr. Nanasi noted.

Lisa Bridge, CG and Marc Nanasi, RS
Lisa Bridge, CG and Marc Nanasi, RS

Also at the Titleholders Luncheon, Marc Altman, CGA, Chair of the International Guilds Council, presented three awards. The Guild of the Year Award went to the Michigan Guild. “The Michigan Guild President, Susan Barnett of Tapper’s Diamonds & Fine Jewelry, spent countless hours calling stores throughout her region, eventually developing one of the Society’s most successful Guilds,” said Mr. Altman. “Additionally, the Guild has been instrumental in adding many fine firms to the American Gem Society membership.”

2019 Guild of the Year Award went to the Michigan Guild
From left to right: Gina Hawkins, CG, Marc Altman, CGA, and Susan Barnett, CGA.

The Sallie Morton Award was presented to Phillip Bosen, CG. This award recognizes the contribution of individuals who have gone over and above in their service to the AGS Guilds each year. “Mr. Bosen was charged with Guild communications, creating many meeting notices, and establishing an online ticketing sales tool for the meetings. Without any guidance, he created a process to systematically produce our meeting notices for over 52 Guilds,” said Mr. Altman.

The 2019 Sallie Morton Award goes to Phillip Bosen, CG
Phillip Bosen, CG and Marc Altman, CGA

The John J. Kennedy Award went to Supervisory Special Agent of the FBI, Steve Gonzalez. Mr. Altman noted, “Special Agent Gonzalez voluntarily stepped into the role of ensuring the FBI’s partnership with AGS, and through his extensive network, the Guilds are assured outstanding meetings on security for years to come, as well as meetings at FBI facilities.”

FBI SSA Steve Gonzalez is the 2019 John J. Kennedy Award recipent
From left to right: John J. Kennedy, FBI Supervisory Special Agent Steve Gonzalez, and Marc Altman, CGA.


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