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Tips to Ship Jewelry Mistake-Free

Tuesday, March 12, 2019  
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By Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group


Now that American Gem Society (AGS) members in the United States have access to discounted shipping rates with JM Shipping Solution, it’s time to review some basics of sending jewelry.
There are a few things you should do no matter what system you use to send packages.
Keep these things in mind and consider some of the ways JM Shipping Solution can make your life easier in addition to saving money.
1. Stock up on shipping supplies
Double-packaging your shipments is essential. This method is a great technique to prevent losses and may even be required by your insurance policy.
Don’t opt to send jewelry in a single box or envelopes, as this can easily be tampered with or damaged in a sorting machine.
In addition to ordering boxes and envelopes, also check to make sure your scale and label maker are functioning properly.
All of this may seem like it could get expensive, but there are low-cost ways for shipping jewelry to help you save.
2. Review your insurance policy
Knowing the details of your insurance policy is important so you know when you need to increase your coverage limits or purchase insurance from a third-party.
Insurance can be incredibly easy if you have a jewelers block policy with Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group and use JM Shipping Solution. Your policy will sync with the platform and you can easily buy additional insurance at exclusive rates when you need to.
3. Plan shipments ahead of time
Sometimes its unavoidable, but mistakes are more likely to occur when you are rushing to get a package out the door.
Keeping a handwritten list or a spreadsheet is a good start, but there’s a better, mistake-proof way to make sure your shipment gets out on time and to the correct destination.
Once you have a queue of packages, you can use JM Shipping Solution to buy labels in advance. Plus, the software also verifies that the addresses you’ve entered can be delivered to.
4. Track your shipments
Once again, you might use spreadsheets or sticky notes (or nothing at all), but JM Shipping Solution also has a feature that lets users track their shipments regardless of which carrier is used.
This is especially valuable if you need to file a claim because something appears to be lost.

stacking shipping boxes

Want to learn more? Watch this video to see JM Shipping Solution in action.
If you like what you see and have a package to ship soon, sign up today and select AGS as an industry membership during the process. You’ll be on your way to saving time and money!


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