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Catch Up on Conclave Chat with Matt

Wednesday, March 6, 2019  
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If you are in our AGS Members-Only Facebook group, then you've probably seen a new series we've launched this year, "Conclave Chat with Matt." Every Wednesday, AGS Senior Event Planner, Matt Dadey, posts a video, where he discusses Conclave sessions covering relevant industry topics and gives you the 411 on networking events.
If you've missed these, here's your chance to catch up! If you'd like to join our group, click here. To view Matt's videos, click any of the episode links below!
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Episode 1:

In this first episode of "Conclave Chat with Matt," he invites all members to register for Conclave and visit the new Conclave website.

New this year: Trending Topics. He talks about two sessions that focus on Retail Innovation, "Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences and Turning Your Customers Into Advocates" presented by Douglas Brown, and "Communications Makeovers: Answers Delivered on your Communications Dilemmas" presented by Rebecca Klein Scott and Keith Scott.

Click here to watch Episode 1...

Conclave Chat with Matt Episode 1

Episode 2:

Recorded live at Centurion Scottsdale! Matt has a question for the AGS membership: "Why is Conclave your favorite event in the industry and what are you looking forward to most about the event?" He has a special guest with him in the booth, Alexis Padis, CGA, Chair of the Conclave Sub-Committee.

Click here to watch Episode 2...

Conclave Chat with Matt Episode 2

Episode 3:

Matt highlights two sessions. The first is Monday, April 8, "Retail Disruption & the Opportunities Ahead" presented by Jennifer Shaheen and the second is Tuesday, April 9, "Exploring New Technologies to Drive In-store Traffic" presented by Alex Fetanat.

Matt then gives some event highlights: the Mentor Mixer and Guilds Party. Matt's question for members is, "How many Conclaves have you been to and what city was your first one?"

Click here to watch Episode 3...

Conclave Chat with Matt Episode 3

Episode 4:

Matt kicks-off this video talking about the kick-off of Conclave: Monday, April 8 and the don't-miss events and sessions happening that day. Trending topics include "Enhanced Retail Customer Experiences" presented by Kris Doane on Tuesday, April 9, and on Wednesday, April 10 "Measuring and Communicating the Positive Social Impact of Diamond Mining To Your Customers" presented by Sarah Gorvitz and Nancy Orem Lyman.

Matt's question for the membership in this episode: "Who was your favorite speaker at Conclave?" He also invites Lauren Ruggeroli, CSA, the AGS's Director of Membership to let us know who her favorite speaker has been.

Click here to watch Episode 4...

Conclave Chat with Matt Episode 4

Episode 5:

Coming to you from the American Gem Society headquarters classroom, Matt's getting excited about the education offered at Conclave, which includes these two trending topics: Tuesday, April 9, "Show Me A Story – How You Can Use Video to Drive Sales and Grow Your Brand" presented by Ben Smithee and "Identifying Laboratory-Grown Diamond" presented by Dr. James Shigley and Brenda Harwick. This hands-on session will be offered Tuesday and Wednesday.

Matt discusses Monday night's events: the AGS Suppliers' Reception, Showcase, and Gemstone Gallery, and the Hearts On Fire Trivia Night, brought to you by the Young Titleholders.

Matt poses this question to the membership: "What is something you wish you had at your first Conclave?"

Click here to watch Episode 5...

Conclave Chat with Matt Episode 5


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