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Supplier Spotlight: Rahaminov Diamonds

Wednesday, February 20, 2019  
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Rahaminov Diamonds logoFor more than 70 years, family-owned and operated Rahaminov Diamonds has been a trusted supplier of meticulous and unusually-cut diamonds to the trade and to fine jewelry retailers worldwide.  

Tamara Rahaminov and her husband, Amir Goldfiner, met while studying at the Gemological Institute of America. They opened Rahaminov’s Los Angeles office in 1989 and steadily evolved it from a fine diamond house to a luxury brand of exquisite diamond jewelry.

Today, a third generation has come on board, with Amir and Tamara’s daughters, Nicol and Melanie Goldfiner, bringing their modern sensibilities to the Rahaminov Diamonds brand. Headquartered in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, Rahaminov Diamonds continues to thrive, strengthening its reputation for superb diamonds and sophisticated jewelry. 

Rahaminov Diamonds

For Melanie Goldfiner, Director of Business Development at Rahaminov Diamonds, it’s hard for her to imagine not being in the jewelry business. At first she entertained the idea of going into real estate and finance, but quickly realized it wasn’t for her.

“I was blessed to have the opportunity to join an established family business,” says Melanie. “It was a natural transition for me as I grew up loving diamonds and jewelry. I have known many of our clients and friends from the industry since I was a little girl. I am so fortunate to be a part of such a great industry!”

Rahaminov Diamonds is known for their Movál® collection, which features diamonds cut to specific proportions that maximize the gemstone’s beauty, life, and brilliance. “Our Movál cut diamond possesses many characteristics of a timeless marquise cut, with the soft curves of an oval,” says Melanie. “Each piece of jewelry is tailor-made, based on the unique features of the center diamond. No two Movál diamonds are alike, making each piece one of a kind.”

In 2016, Rahaminov won the JCK Jewelers’ Choice Award for their fancy pink Movál®. “It was one of my first trade shows that I attended once I started working for Rahaminov and we won the grand prize, so there was a lot of excitement surrounding the ring,” says Melanie. “We got a lot of press and this really was the beginning of our Movál collection.”

2016 JCK Jewelers' Choice Award

Social media has been a great way for Rahaminov Diamonds to share their newest designs and pieces with their followers. “Our followers not only include staff at our retail partners, but also jewelry enthusiasts worldwide,” says Melanie. “I often receive inquiries for our designs through social media and direct those to our retail partners in their area.”

Rahaminov recently joined the AGS and this year’s Conclave in Seattle will be the first they are attending as members. “I previously attended Conclave in 2017 when it was hosted at the Loews Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles. I attended as a visitor, but I loved the energy of the people in attendance,” says Melanie.

“The speakers were wonderful, engaging and inspirational! I loved how many diverse breakout sessions were offered. There was really something for everyone—regardless if you were a retailer, manufacturer or wholesaler. After reviewing this year’s Conclave schedule, I can personally say there are many sessions I am looking forward to attending!”


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