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Retailer Spotlight: Gordons Gold Jewellers

Wednesday, February 20, 2019  
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Gordons Gold Jewellers, located in London, Ontario, was founded 35 years ago by John and Evelyn Gordon. They started in their home, setting up at markets and fairs, as well as home shows. Their success grew rapidly throughout the early Eighties.

Loretta Gordon-Bock, CEO of Gordons Gold Jewellers, recalls her mother, Evelyn, telling the story of why they opened a brick-and-mortar store. “Late one evening, a gentleman came knocking on the door of my parent’s home because he wanted to get an anniversary gift. My mom then realized it was time to open up a store!”

Today, Gordons Gold Jewellers is not only proud of the beautiful and welcoming layout of their store, which includes a vast open area at the entrance, complete with a baby grand piano and leather lounge chairs, but it’s their staff that sets them apart.

They have a non-commission sales force, which Loretta believes drives the motivation to serve and makes pleasing the client a priority. “Our team enjoys engaging in discussions with our guests, which enhances the visit,” says Loretta. “We think of our client as on a journey of discovery, delight, bewilderment and enlightenment, to then find oneself changed because of it. Gordons Gold Jewellers Sales Advisers are the orchestrators in piloting this journey.”

Their staff also wants their clients to get to know them. The Gordons Gold Jewellers blog centers around staff stories about jewelry, travel, and food—a format that invites clients into their inner circle. “Who knew that jewelry pairs so well with sitting at a table sharing great food, wine, desserts, and life’s celebrations,” says Loretta.

Creating lasting and meaningful friendships extends to Loretta’s professional relationships, as well. By joining the Toronto AGS Guild and attending Conclave, she has developed many friendships through the various educational classes and events. “The friendships that are fostered through meeting people of like-mind are one of the most impactful aspects of attending Conclave every year!” says Loretta. “It’s empowering to know we have our 'little life’s Guild’ to call on when faced with business venture queries or just to reach out to a voice of resounding friendship.”


Gordons Gold Jewellers
The staff at Gordons Gold Jewellers, from left to right: Dara Johnston, John & Evelyn Gordon, Caitlin Hyde, Julia Douglas, Rosanne Gardiner, Duane Bock & Loretta Gordon-Bock, Katherine Zwirner, Angelina Buckareff, Christina Mandri, Brittany Mackay, RJ, Jennifer Vecchio


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