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Three Sessions You Won't Want to Miss

Wednesday, January 2, 2019  
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Member using loupe at Conclave 2018The sessions offered at Conclave give AGS members the opportunity to explore topics and interests that offer a different perspective or may take them slightly outside their comfort zones. These three sessions provide takeaways that are relevant for anyone in the jewelry industry, giving insight on some need-to-know subject matter, such as appraisal practice compliance, familiarity of colored gemstones, and the state of laboratory-grown diamonds.


Monday, April 8

Universal Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice Compliance
David Rotenberg, ECGA, David Craig Jewelers

This session will be a discussion of Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) compliance as it pertains to the gemstone industry, including the application of USPAP for specific types of gems and jewelry and the exploration of specific intended uses, definitions of value, and appropriate markets.

In addition, David has created a15-hour USPAP offering prior to the start of Conclave, April 6-7, in Seattle, instructed by Mona Miller, ICGA. For more information about this course, contact David Rotenberg at 215.968.8900 or david@davidcraigjewelers. To register for the course, contact


Tuesday, April 9

Exotic Colored Gemstones: Creating the Collector
Dave Bindra, B & B Fine Gems

Our fascination with the natural brilliance and beauty of precious gemstones has endured for centuries. Today, it manifests itself in record breaking multi-million dollar auctions and a global race to unearth the next historic find of Pigeon’s Blood rubies, vivid pink spinels, and neon Paraíba tourmalines. We are entering a time when the use of exotic colored gemstones in couture and high jewelry is unprecedented. From the major brands on 5th Avenue to the red carpet, color is all the craze today. Wealthy consumers all over America are looking for rare and unusual items that not only have intrinsic value, but will also set them apart from the average consumer.


Wednesday, April 10

Laboratory-Grown Diamonds: A Lightbox Perspective
Steve Coe, Sally Morrison, and Juliet Wiles, Lightbox

The Lightbox brand was announced last May and launched commercially in September 2018 as an innovative and transparent offering in the fashion jewelry space. Members of the Lightbox team will share perspectives on the state of the laboratory-grown industry, consumers understanding of the category, and an update on plans for 2019.


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