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Sustaining Firm Spotlight: GemFind

Tuesday, November 6, 2018  
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The best part of working with jewelry businesses, according to Alex Fetanat, CEO of GemFind, is without a doubt, the people. Since 1999, GemFind has introduced new technology and advanced marketing tactics to the jewelry industry, revolutionizing the gemstone and jewelry digital marketplace.

Alex FetanatWe asked Alex for insight from GemFind’s strategies and philosophies to inform and advance the jewelry industry.

How did you get started and what is GemFind’s mission as a business?

My education is in computer engineering and after I exited my first software development company, I started traveling and ended up in Colombia. I was fascinated by gems and emeralds in particular. Next thing I knew, I was in the emerald importing business. I did that for three years until 1999, when I saw a need for a web solution company in the industry. This is how GemFind was founded.

GemFind’s mission is to help the jewelry industry through the use of cutting-edge technology and digital marketing tools. We know the majority of the industry needs tech savvy partners, so we help them create a professional online presence and drive traffic and customers to their businesses.

What is the most valued service GemFind offers it's clients?

We have several jewelry-specific apps and a platform that connects jewelry businesses with jewelry wholesalers. Our digital marketing services are among our most valuable services because they generate foot traffic, web traffic, and revenue. We have a number of case studies that demonstrate success. We know how to connect jewelry retailers to their tech savvy consumers.

What can you tell us about Diamond Link® and what it has done for your clients?

We were the first company that developed the Diamond Link® technology. It enables retailers to compete with the online sellers by giving them thousands of virtual diamonds to showcase on their website with their own unique markup. It increases engagement on their website and increases in-store sales.

How has GemFind benefited from being a member of the American Gem Society?

Through the membership and Conclave, we have met many fine AGS members that represent a large segment of our client base. These relationships have been crucial for GemFind’s growth over the years. The AGS has helped with both awareness and education, as well as crucial referrals to our ever-expanding business.

Why is digital marketing so important to businesses?

In this day and age, more than 84% of customers search online before they even walk into a store. This is why digital marketing and online presence are the most important vehicles to drive customers to jewelry stores. Effective digital marketing puts the power back in the business’ hands, enabling businesses to reliably forecast revenue and growth.

Educate yourself on digital marketing and the opportunities available. Embrace technology and integrate it into how you do business. If you can't do it in-house, partner with a reputable digital agency for help.


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