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How to Protect Packages When Shipping Jewelry

Wednesday, August 15, 2018  
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Preparing packages for shipmentBy Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group

Insuring your shipments is a must, but a policy doesn’t actually keep your packages safe. The actions you take before shipping largely determines the likelihood of experiencing a lost, stolen, or damaged package.

Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group has some tips to help you ship securely in addition to proper insurance coverage:

1. Plan shipments ahead of time

Generally, the further out you can prepare a shipment, the better. This is partly because you can save time shipping jewelry in the long-run, too.

Rushing your way through package preparation can lead to mistakes and possibly lost merchandise.

A few common perils include:

  • Forgetting to notify the recipient that you're sending them something. Losses can happen if the recipient isn't expecting a package and misplaces it because the label has been "disguised" to not include jewelry terms.
  • Sending over weekends or holidays. While shipping centers operate on a constant basis, it's still not worth the risk of having your package sit in a sorting facility longer than needed.

A platform like JM Shipping Solution can help you schedule your shipments and also offers insurance options to make sure your shipments have the right coverage.

2. Disguise the label

A package being sent to New York Diamond Co. with a return address of Miami Goldsmith Inc. is enticing for criminals and delivery personnel.

"MGI" sending to "NYDC" is much less conspicuous than full business names.

Here are two additional things to know about how labels impact package security:

  • Use labels that adhere to the box or envelope. Adhesive sleeves are not recommended.
  • Print two labels (you’ll find out why later in the article).

3. Choose your packaging wisely

A common myth is that you need to double-box your packages with adult-sized shoe boxes. While it's a secure way to ship, it's rarely necessary and can be costly.

Instead, adhere to the following principles that are secure and will help you lower the cost of shipping jewelry:

  • Select a small box or padded envelope as the inner package.
  • Choose a slightly larger box as the outer package.

Visit The Clarity Blog to keep reading and learn about the final three tips to secure your shipments.


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