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Uneek Jewelry’s Quality Conscious Manufacturing Practices Gets GMP Approval

Wednesday, August 8, 2018  
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Uneek Fine Jewelry GMP CompliantUneek Jewelry Inc., the Los Angeles-based jewelry manufacturer, and its award-winning founder and designer, Benjamin Javaheri, are proud to announce that their entire manufacturing operation is deemed Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Compliant.

For months, every stage of Uneek Jewelry’s manufacturing operation and its dedicated staff have been subjected to the thorough testing and scrutiny by a group of quality auditors from SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. SGS is recognized as the authority and global benchmark for quality and integrity. Uneek’s documentations vis-à-vis actual processes, logs and record keeping, procedures, facility, products, materials, organization, management, leaders and team members and every aspect of operation has been dissected and examined.

Given the inherent high-quality standards at every phase of Uneek’s jewelry crafting, Uneek Jewelry has received the stamp of approval for Good Manufacturing Practice and is deemed GMP Compliant. As Benjamin excitedly comments “It’s all worth our time and effort to ensure quality at every stage of the process.”

Benjamin Javaheri also says, “I could not be more proud of my team and our operations. For more than twenty years, our brand has always been a pioneer not just in design and craftsmanship, but also in exceeding customer expectations and in going all out in maintaining high-quality standards."

"We care about our products and we stand behind each and every piece we make," says Javaheri. "We are committed in protecting our retail partners and the consumer. We are also transparent with our quality standards and our operations. We open our facility for retail partners to visit and we share with them how meticulous a journey we take in making our jewelry.”

Click the image below to watch a short video clip on Uneek's website of an emerald bracelet from manufacturing to completion.

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This accomplishment adds another distinct advantage to Uneek and elevates its merchandise over other manufacturers. The company’s uncompromising commitment to quality assures that every jewelry piece made by Uneek is of outstanding class; a treasure for a loved one’s enjoyment now and an heirloom that surpasses time. Each piece is worthy to be cherished by family generations to come. Javaheri’s passion and pride is clear in his closing statement: “Top-of-the-line quality jewelry is not just a promise, it is Uneek’s commitment."

For more information, please contact Uneek Fine Jewelry at or (1-888) BE-UNEEK.



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