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3 Simple Ways to Offer an Exceptional Customer Experience

Monday, May 7, 2018  
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By Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group

Today’s consumers are not as interested in what you’re selling, but how you can help them find exactly what they’re looking for. Many expect their relationship with their jeweler to be more than just the value of their purchase. They want a meaningful customer experience.

The expectation of exceptional service is even greater for luxury retailers. It’s the experience that will get customers talking about you and coming back.

In an age where everyone can comment, like and share online, an outstanding customer experience defines your brand. It’s the biggest differentiator and plays a key role in running a successful business.

1. Be personal.

You’re not just selling a product; you’re selling something your customers’ loved one will treasure.

Get to know the person across the counter and make a connection. To do this well, you need to make sure your staff is adequately trained. Providing outstanding customer service is the key to an enhanced customer experience. Exceptional product knowledge instills confidence and provides the value of shopping with a local independent jeweler.

Beyond product knowledge, speak to them about services they may not be familiar with such as how to care for their jewelry. Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group offers complimentary Pearls of Wisdom brochures to its insureds that explain how to care for jewelry.

2. Do something unexpected.

Surprise your customers by going above and beyond.

  • Delight them with an inexpensive gift at your point of sale while the one they purchased is being wrapped.
  • Send a special treat to your most loyal customers in celebration of a special event, milestone or holiday.
  • Hold an in-store event after hours with a VIP feel. Provide drinks and snacks and possibly even hire the local high school jazz band to entertain your guests. You could even donate a percent of purchases from the evening to a local charity.

3. Remember them after the sale.

Send your customers a thank you note. Owners of other businesses that sell large-ticket items often send a hand-signed letter welcoming their customers to the “family”. In a world of everything digital, something hand-written will be noticed and appreciated.

Mark Devereaux, vice president of Sales for Jewelers Mutual, weighed in on the subject. “It’s time to recalibrate and reset expectations as we move into the new era of retail. Retail jewelers are in an enviable position,” said Devereaux. “Jewelers sell emotion and something that will be treasured long after the sale. Couple that with an exceptional customer experience, and that’s the recipe for success,” he added.

Our Jeweler Programs

At Jewelers Mutual, we have several premium service jeweler programs to support store owners in extending service after the sale. These programs are a great way to grow your business and enhance the overall customer experience.

To learn more, click here.


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