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American Gem Society and Kaiser Time Partner for Watch Education

Tuesday, April 17, 2018  
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Kaiser Time LogoSustaining Firm member, Kaiser Time, Inc., has partnered with the American Gem Society to launch the first-of-its-kind non-brand specific course for watch studies. The course will be offered through the AGS learning portal, AGS Pro, and is available to the jewelry industry. This course will provide foundational education on watches for the sales professional.

“Completing this course will immediately and noticeably set you apart from other timepiece sales professionals and arm you with fundamental knowledge and understanding of key watch concepts,” said Katherine Bodoh, RJ, CEO of the American Gem Society and AGS Laboratories.

The course will offer unbiased and credible information about universal watch concepts, and is geared to assist the retail sales professional in gaining the appropriate knowledge and sales training to provide a foundation for success. The initial course will set the standard for educational fundamentals for any sales professional who will be selling timepieces in a retail environment.

“The American Gem Society saw a need for this course as there are few resources for jewelers wishing to learn more about watches,” said Bodoh. “By making it available to all jewelry industry professionals, we are extending our mission of consumer protection by ensuring that quality education is available to the industry."

“Kaiser Time is extremely excited to work with the AGS to improve retail sales training in the luxury watch industry,” said Steven Kaiser, CEO of Kaiser Time. “The opportunity to help elevate education at the retail level is something that we feel passionate about and working with the AGS is a natural fit to help improve knowledge and sales training for retail professionals in our industry.”

AGS members will receive special pricing for the course, which will be launching at the American Gem Society’s Conclave, April 23-25 in Nashville, TN. To learn more, contact


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