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Supplier Spotlight: KR Diamonds

Wednesday, March 7, 2018  
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KR Diamonds logo“The idea behind KR Diamonds is to provide U.S. jewelers with beautifully cut diamonds without taking the flight to Europe!” says Emily Kiechel, director at KR Diamonds. We had the chance to speak with Emily as she answered Spectra Update’s questions about KR Diamonds’ products, services, and their membership with the American Gem Society.


AGS: Can you give us a little background on KR Diamonds?

We are the New York office for a third generation diamond cutter located in Antwerp, Belgium. We specialize in ideal cut round diamond melee of all color and clarity combinations. We also produce fine single cut diamonds. The sizes that are stocked in New York range from 0.60mm to 0.60pts. We receive shipments three to four times a week, so the New York office is always well prepared and special orders arrive quickly.

We are able to consistently supply ideal cut diamond melee to companies of all sizes. Filling an order for a custom design is simply as important as a large-scale production order.


AGS: KR Diamonds has been an American Gem Society member since 2001. Tell us how this long-time membership has helped KR Diamonds?

We believe that it keeps us connected to a strong group of jewelers across the United States that are liked minded in terms of presenting better quality.

KR Diamonds melee

We also want to tell other members about the importance of attending the annual Conclave meetings! First, these meetings provide a wonderful, educational environment to learn about different ways to grow your business and to see first-hand new gemological findings.

Recently, we have enjoyed increasing our knowledge of a variety of topics such as photography, new methods of synthetic detection, and reaching out to untapped areas of the market.

The social aspect is also significant. It is easy to meet members that you would not come across in your daily work schedule—whether it is someone who is located physically far away or in a facet of the jewelry industry unlike yours.


AGS: What are some actionable insights you’ve received at Conclave and have taken back to your business?

In the seminars we had attended last year [2017 Conclave], we learned about the importance of telling our story digitally. It is great how images and videos reach people so quickly. We are now applying this information as we create a new website. In addition, the AGS team provides many online services that we have utilized and incorporated into our business model.


KR Diamonds finished jewelryAGS: What is KR Diamonds' private label collection?

We are a completely vertical operation. All steps of the cutting process are under our direction and control, which include purchasing rough, managing all of our five cutting factories, to the quality inspection of our polished diamonds. Hence, it was a natural progression for us to showcase our diamonds in classic fine jewelry.

We work closely with a select group of skilled craftsmen in the United States to build our collection. The retailers who ultimately carry our line, represent it as their own private label designs. They can stand behind it knowing each and every step of our quality assurance by relaying this story to their end-customer.


AGS: What best practices do you utilize in your company and what inspired you to implement them?

It is simply not enough to have an amazing product. We believe that there has to be an equally high level of service “married” to it. We apply the human contribution to both the cutting of the rough crystals and the communication with our clients.

Time is also precious and we want our clients to depend on the item being shipped to meet and exceed their expectations.


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